Concept development

Many problems in production and assembly find their origin in this crucial first step of your project. Allow my engineering knowledge and practical experience to assist in order to avoid the most common mistakes.

Detailed engineering

Load case, design life, operating environment and integration are a some of the elements that have major influence in the design of the equipment. If this information is not readily available, we will determine it together. Per standard a design is supplied with 3D parts and assemblies in Solidworks native or Neutral formats such as STEP, IGES or ACIS. It is supported by manual or computer aided calculations (FEM), depending on the project needs.

FEM analysis

FEM analysis is a great tool to help you test designs and optimise products. It is not an easy task to interpret results from any FEM software as well as setting the correct conditions for the calculation. Loads, fixtures, connectors and mesh are some of the most important elements that have a significant impact on the result.

Using Solidworks Simulation Professional allows me to make quick changes to the CAD model within the Solidworks environment. This speeds up the iterative process noticeably and yields faster results in stress and displacement analysis of simple and complex structures.

Shop floor drawings

Unwanted and unexpected cost increases only become apparent during production and assembly. Often, they are easily avoided through clear communication with the shop floor. Allow me to help avoid most common issues by translating your relevant engineering information to a useable format for the shop floor. Upon request a full set of detailed shop floor drawings can be supplied in Solidworks Native, dwg, dxf or pdf. Each part, welding or assembly drawing contains only the relevant required information. When drawings are provided by an external party, drawing checks can be included to make sure the information is correct.

Rules & regulations

Rules & regulations are an important part of engineering and production today. Knowing my way around the DNV-GL, BV, machinery directive 2006/42/EC or other rules can help you simplify the design, make production decisions and avoid issues later in the project.

Project management

Being a participant in the design process makes it possible to make quick and educated decisions during every step of the project. Allow me to use my experience in managing complete projects including electric or hydraulic drive system for your benefit.